911 operator PC game keyboard shortcuts

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911 Operator is a simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a 9-1-1 telephone operator, where you must respond to emergency calls and dispatch resources to help those in need. Developed by Jutsu Games and published by PlayWay, this game was initially released on PC in February 2017.

911 operator screenshot

One of the key hidden features of the game is the option to use keyboard key bindings, which can help improve the game play experience and reduce the need for excessive mouse movement. By utilizing these key bindings, players can quickly and efficiently respond to emergency calls without being hindered by cumbersome mouse controls.

While the game does not map all actions to keyboard keys, there are several key bindings that can help enhance the game play experience. These key bindings can be especially useful for players who prefer a more streamlined and efficient gaming experience. By taking advantage of these key bindings, players can focus on the core game play mechanics and immerse themselves in the challenging and high-pressure world of emergency dispatch.

Key Function
wasd Move map
q zoom in
e zoom out
z Decrease game speed
x Increase game speed
space toggle facilities icons
ESC exit game
p pause game

Overall, 911 Operator offers a unique and immersible simulation experience, and the option to use keyboard key bindings can further enhance the game play for those looking for a more efficient and seamless gaming experience.